• Many of our experts believe N. Korea already has an EMP weapon onboard one of its two satellites.
  • North Korea (and Iran) can win the war with one high-altitude EMP (HEMP)
  • Mutually Assured Destruction (MAD) may not deter our radicalized enemies
  • Our federal government and military have defended their continuity from HEMP
  • The American people remain catastrophically undefended.
  • The National Infrastructure Protection Plan (NIPP) has routinely failed to harden our critical infrastructures.
  • NIPP is currently subverting the EMP risk to the civilian populace. Political restraints (opposing forces) have induced this omission to remain indefinitely.
  • Given an EMP attack; NIPP’s hardening plan, if executed, fails to competently address the civilian populace who will be trapped on foot and stripped of all private technology. No food. No transportation. No communication. No workforce to operate the hardened grids.
  • If attacked by N. Korea (or Iran) while undefended, 90% of the American people will suffer and perish.

JOIN the SAFE STATE CHALLENGE and help our states become SAFE NOW.

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2020: Phase 1

  • Membership/Movement Goal: ONE MILLION SAFE STATE MEMBERS
  • Organize/Unite/Prepare: SAFE STATE Countermeasure review, readiness, and private implementation start-up.
  • Political Push. Expose divided government’s inability to defend populace. Expose the SAFE STATE alternative to no defense. Demand a national discussion in 2020 Presidential race. Compel our state governments to enact a SAFE STATE Initiative.
  • Exercise your patriotic duty: Make America Responsible, Safe, and Secure Again.

2021: Phase 2

  • Membership/Movement Goal: TWO MILLION SAFE STATE MEMBERS
  • Organize/Unite/Prepare: SAFE STATE Countermeasure; private and community implementation.
  • Political Push: State government assistance and community shielding program (start-up) in every county. Federal tax incentives for SAFE STATE Countermeasure implementation. Demand NIPP (National Infrastructure Protection Plan) include both a community shielding program and an achievable hardening program that defends the American people from HEMP.
  • Exercise your patriotic power: Make America Responsible, Safe, and Secure Again.

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Welcome to America’s REQUIRED survival. EMP. Solar Flare/CME. Sudden Grid Failure. Protect the People. 


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Safe State Project Pledge:

As a member of the Safe State Project, I/we acknowledge that our undefended risk to a sudden loss of our infrastructures has forced the American people to enact a responsible defense within our communities and states. As a member, I/we pledge to defend our families, to defend our communities, and to petition our local and state governments in the furtherance of statewide countermeasure implementation.


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Behold the great lie that will now kill millions, provoke a bloody war, and unleash the forces of evil. The deceit has been cast and the message can’t be reversed. We are the story. Who lives? Who dies?