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Thank you for your interest in getting involved! 2020 is the big year, and we are the one force that can make America Safe Again. Starting now, the people will walk a new path, and our purpose will be realized. Starting now, we defend our future, and we walk together.

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Safe State Members are patriots who want to defend their families and communities from the elevating risks of EMP, solar flare, cyber warfare, global pandemics, and all national disasters that can destroy our technology, supply chains, and infrastructures catastrophically. Please Donate. All Safe State donors are helping us expand the Safe State Mission across the United States. Without You, We Lose.

Benefits of a Safe State Membership include:

  • Downloadable PDF of the Safe State Countermeasure
  • Access to private forums, communiques, and training videos
  • Membership discounts by participating Safe State vendors

2020 is the year of the Safe State Project launch. We need YOU! We need EACH OTHER!


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Safe State Project Pledge:

As a member of the Safe State Project, I/we acknowledge that our undefended risk to a sudden loss of our infrastructures has forced the American people to enact a responsible defense within our communities and states. As a member, I/we pledge to defend our families, to defend our communities, and to petition our local and state governments in the furtherance of statewide countermeasure implementation.