Welcome! The Safe State Challenge Begins

Thank you for joining this movement! Because of YOU, we the people are getting stronger. This is our team, and this is how we win.
Responsible Defense is our new power.

  • Because we’re undefended, the EMP weapon can now destroy our technology, kill 90% of us, and win the war.
  • Our U.S government has defended itself from EMP, but the people have been told that climate change alone will kill us all if we don’t defend America immediately.
  • N. Korea, Iran, and others will exploit our weakness. This is our Achilles Heel.
  • Our government is at war with itself. Because we’re in this trap, our risk is immeasurable.
  • SAFE STATES is our only HOPE!
To all patriots: This is the SAFE STATE CHALLENGE, and this is how we WIN:
  • With SAFE STATES; we can survive all grid-down events because we have a backup infrastructure of food, water, transportation, communication, and law and order.
  • With SAFE STATES; socialism, open borders, gun-control, green new deals, (and all other threats to the republic), can no-longer succeed.
  • With SAFE STATES; the people hold the final power. We can survive, organize, and unite, on-demand.

Think it through. Pray for guidance. Follow your instincts.


If you’re strong and able, we need your membership donations. If you can’t donate; we need your honor and faith, and we’ll do our part to get you SAFE.

Together, we succeed.


  • Read the SAFE STATE Alert
  • Watch the Video Introduction: Safe States—versus—N. Korea, Iran, EMP, No Civilian Defense, Fractured Government, Massive Death Tolls.
This video is the first step of the SAFE STATE CHALLENGE
  • Reveals our ENEMY and our FIGHT
  • Reveals our POWER
  • This is how we START
2. Standardized Safe State Countermeasure Manual. Free to view or Download. 
  • Free Members/Subscribers: Full access to Countermeasure Manual; including revisions and all supplementary material. Soon, our members will receive training, product recommendations, discounts, and a growing list of opportunities that can be found on the Membership Opportunity page.
3. Join. Explore Membership Opportunities. Contribute.  
  • Whether you want to be a Safe State member, a community leader, or serve as an implementation coordinator (independent contractor) who helps others develop a Safe Zone, the Safe State structure provides us all with a new opportunity to carve a new path. We can all defend our families, and we can all participate in a new industry that serves to defend our communities and our states.
  • State Representatives and Operations Managers: During the start-up phase, these are volunteer positions, and they’ll be assigned to key individuals who qualify within their state and local area. We need qualified patriots to advance the community shielding program within our state governments, and we need qualified patriots to oversee the implementation coordinators who contract with the general public in developing Safe Zones.
4. Follow the Path. Solve the Challenges. Work Together. Step by Step.
  • Remember: The people are the most powerful force in America. While it is true that our force has been weakened, it has only been weakened for a moment in time. Today, our presumptive trust has been exploited, and we’ve been harmed, but this moment is over. Today, we can see the recklessness of our divided nation. We can see the depths of what our government has failed to do.
  • This is our power. This is how we unite. This is our time.

Together, we can save our families and our nation from the forces of evil. Our Achilles Heel is wide open, but if we act together, we can free the American Giant by defending its greatest purpose. It is our sober and vigilant actions that will defend life, liberty, and freedom. Responsible defense is our minimum requirement, and this is how we honor an America blessed by God. Together, we must begin.

Standby for more updates. Read the SAFE STATES novel. Spread the truth.

To all who’ve joined, we thank you for your faith, honor, and devotion to this project. Because of YOU, we will prevail!