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SAFE STATE Communiqué: FIRST STEPS – Part 1

SAFE STATE Communiqué: FIRST STEPS – Part 1 

Part 1: Today we have 3 topics.

  • Countermeasure Manual: Primary Function
  • Understanding the Survival Target Standards (STS). How they can be reduced or expanded to meet your needs and capabilities
  • Plotting a Course. Building the right plan for you

Part 2 will cover the Faraday Cage. Warnings. Guidance. Inspections (CERP). The enclosure below isn’t pretty, but it will guide us in Part 2.


The Safe State Countermeasure Manual: Primary Function

I know manuals are boring, but this manual has a special value. Once you get past Chapters 1 and 2 (assets, goals, and structure), you find a roadmap with survival destinations we need to strive for. These destinations are Survival Target Standards (STS). Before a sudden grid failure occurs, and specifically, before an overhead detonation of an enemy EMP, these are the standards we need to achieve for high-confidence survival. These standards provide us with a Safe Zone, but these standards have a backstory, and we need to understand how and why they’ve been developed.

The first law of survival is to accept the truth. Currently, we have no community defense and our society has omitted this basic requirement from the collective awareness. Currently, we’re on our own. Private survival.

Yes, the greater mission is to change this, and in Phase 2 we will, but today, we’re in Phase 1. Our survival targets have to accept the truth. We have no community assistance. Our private survival is disorganized, and until we have our states defended, we have to make it work.

Until we compel our communities to join in, we need Safe Zones that can survive and organize without the community’s involvement as a whole. High standards give us high confidence survival, but these standards are relative. Half standards work too. They can keep our families alive, and soon, our communities can fill the gaps that defend the people.

Survival Target Standards (STS): Expand or Reduce

This is our first step as we go through the manual. We see 6-months of food for every person. We see backup equipment that needs to be preserved within a Faraday Cage. Some of us can afford this, but many of us can’t. So, what do we do?

The glass “Half-Full” is always better than empty.

The Safe State Countermeasure doesn’t sell products or services, it only prescribes a target we need to strive for. If we have 3-months of food, emergency water, a motorcycle, and a single Ham radio, we can survive and organize with others. If we preserve an escape vehicle, we can flee the city and we can find a safe shelter.

We all have our challenges, and they depend on our circumstance, but if we know what we need for high-confidence survival, we can modify accordingly. We can reduce our targets, and we can prioritize our tactics so that our Safe Zones work. Eventually, community shielding will fill in the gaps, but until we get there, we must be measured and strategic.

Plotting a Course: Building the Right Plan for You

This is the most important step. What are your capabilities? What can you afford? What are your challenges? How can you minimize the cost? How can you maximize your family’s survival? How can you reduce or expand the mission?

If you answer these questions in order, you’ll find your bearings. The countermeasure spells out what you need, it gives you high-confidence survival target standards (STS), but it doesn’t tell you how to achieve them. This is by design.

We’re all different, and there’s always a better way to meet our unique circumstances and mission. Safe States will expose these different tactics, and as we progress, we’ll promote the industry experts who find better ways to meet the standards. Safe States is not a sales gimmick. We’re a roadmap to safety, and we’re the clearinghouse of good ideas that can get us all to the same place.

Our First Steps

Read the manual. Understand the Survival Target Standards. Get your bearings. Plot a course. Your challenges are REAL. We all have them, and to survive together, we need to work together and solve them. Training will help. Forums will help. The experts will help. The seeds are planted, and our demand is growing. Fast won’t get us there, but our strength in numbers will.

Remember: Our success is dependent on us, the people. This is an emerging industry. Fake products are everywhere. Misinformation is rampant. Beware. Follow the path. We’re here to guide you.

NEXT: We’ll talk about the Faraday Cage. Warnings. Guidance. Inspections (CERP). Stay tuned!